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Collecting Memories!

Collecting Memories!

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Our Philosophy For Your Wedding Day

Our Philosophy For Your Wedding Day

According to the dictionary, marriage is defined as the formal ceremony that unites two individuals. However, for us, marriage transcends this mere definition. It represents a profound life journey, where each individual strives to navigate it to the best of their abilities. It serves as a sanctuary for those who share an unparalleled connection, a sacred bond that goes beyond words. Marriage is both the culmination of deep love and a timeless tradition of forming a family unit. In this remarkable journey, emotions surge and cascade like a tidal wave, reaching their zenith on the wedding day. It is a moment when overwhelming and wondrous feelings come together to create an unforgettable tapestry of emotions and memories. This day is a testament to the love, commitment, and joy that two people bring into each other's lives, and it marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with promise and adventure.


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The Cimelio Team

When I decided to take up the art of photography and specifically wedding photography, I was determined that my images would not just constitute of a depiction of faces. I wanted to capture the emotion, the moment, the intensity of this special day through my lens. I wanted to "tell" the story of the celebration from beginning to end. I envisioned my images as priceless heirlooms of life. The end goal was for each couple to start their new life with these moments printed both in their hearts and hands.
With this vision in mind, the CIMELIO TEAM was created.

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